• Astelin Shopping Tote

    Astelin Shopping Tote

    All over full color graphic imprinting will make your brand stand out! Everyone will notice as convention attendees walk the show with this large shopping tote.

  • Heartgard Plus Wall Clock

    Heartgard Plus Wall Clock

    Challenge Heartgard Plus was looking for creative ideas to help promote their brand directly to consumers while visiting veterinary clinics, which is Heartgard Plus major point of sale. THE CAPITAL IDEA Knowing that the theme of their campaign was “around the clock protection”, Capital Ideas produced a custom wall clock to be hung on the […]

  • Lamictal Journal

    Lamictal Journal Book

    Reinforce your message with a customized Journal Book! Full graphic printing available to make your journal truly unique. Die cut the cover into any shape and add tip-in pages detailing your product or services.

  • Embedments


    Custom acrylic pieces are developed to illustrate multiple dosing options, titration, anatomical cross sections, etc., all of which aid in patient education and correct dosing compliance, resulting in the most effective treatment.

  • Educational Flip Chart

    Educational Flip Chart

    Challenge Create a low cost PhRMA Compliant promotional product to be used by physicians and nurses as a patienteducational tool. THE CAPITAL IDEA A custom anatomical flip chart was designed and produced to compliment the client’s new disease awareness program. Using acetate overlays, the flip chart emphasized the progression of the virus for physicians and […]

  • Lung Display

    Bronchial Model

    Challenge Create an item to be used by physicians and nurses as a patient education tool, while adhering to PhRMA compliance for a promotional product. THE CAPITAL IDEA A custom anatomical model was designed and produced to compliment the client’s new disease awareness program. As a patient education piece, the model was created to aid […]

  • Pegintron Dosage Calculator

    Pegintron Dosage Calculator

    In addition to the impressive all-over 4 color process imprinting, this dosing calculator was formulated with custom Algorithms for the most accurate dosing in combination therapy.

  • Prescription Sticker

    Prescription Stickers

    Challenge Assist physicians in accurately prescribe medicines requiring extensive written detail. THE CAPITAL IDEA PhRMA Compliant promotional product: the prescription sticker dispenser was created to quickly help the physicians correctly convey to the pharmacist what drug and dosing protocols are needed. Since many drugs have different requirements, noting various strengths, we developed a permanent adhesive […]

  • Levitra Avodart Brochure Holder

    Custom Brochure Holder

    We can design a custom shaped brochure holder to perfectly complement your brand’s literature. Team up with another brand in the same therapeutic area for a dual holder and truly unique look.

  • Flonase Display

    Flonase Anatomical Sinus Model

    Challenge Find a useful way to help the prescribing physicians explain the advantages of using Flonase, while adhering to PhRMA compliance for a promotional product. THE CAPITAL IDEA We recommended that Flonase consider an anatomical model of the upper airway. This was an excellent way for sales reps to detail the benefits of Flonase that […]

  • Medical Text Books

    Medical Text Books

    Challenge Educate Oncology Nurses about approved indications, side effect management,and the risks and benefits of related brands. THE CAPITAL IDEA A PhRMA Compliant promotional product: Medical Text Books. Capital Ideas has aligned with a publication distributor that has access to more than 3 million published books and text books. The Core Cirriculum for Oncology Nursing […]

  • Wipeboard with Tear Pad

    Wipeboard with Tear Pad

    Patient education about a condition or illness is crucial. Tear pads assists the patient in retaining essential information covered in the physician’s office, enabling the patient to review facts with their family and/or caretaker at home. This item consists of a tear pad attached to a write on wipe off board printed with anatomical art. […]

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