• Educational Slide/Wheel

    Educational Slide/Wheel

    A wide variety of information on the pharmacology of your brand can be included in this helpful slide or wheel chart. It is compact enough to carry in a lab coat for quick reference and/or patient education. All of these are at the fingertips of the healthcare provider: symptom checkers drug facts and interactions dosing […]

  • Arixtra Tear Pads

    Educational Tear Pads

    Challenge The Arixtra team was challenged to educate the general public about the dangers of DVT during hip and knee surgery. THE CAPITAL IDEA With a focus on patient education for a PhRMA Compliant promotional product, we partnered with a leading medical illustration and education company. Capital Ideas developed a simple tear pad system that […]

  • Patient Kits

    Patient Kits

    Patient Kits assist in the distribution of and sampling of a product. Zippered cases in any size and shape with customized pockets or loops for holding medication, PI insert, and educational booklets can be designed.

  • Vimpat

    Vimpat Custom USB

    Custom Flash Drives in any shape can be pre-loaded with brand’s educational information, and locked so that the details cannot be deleted from USB.

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